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Chanel price increase: Classic handbags exceed 90000 yuan! “I was abandoned by the brand”

The prices of Chanel large CF handbags and large 2.55 handbags have further increased, reaching 90600 yuan, an increase of 3600 yuan compared to before.


The CF small handbag has increased from 77000 yuan to 80800 yuan, an increase of 3800 yuan, making it the highest priced item among the handbags this time.


The price increase for the 19bag and leboy series ranges from 2200 yuan to 2500 yuan.


As a popular model of Chanel, the price of 22bag has not increased this round. Currently, the price of the small size of 22bag is 45600 yuan, and the medium size is 48100 yuan.


A netizen joked, “A bag costs 90000 yuan, which is equivalent to an electric car.”

The reporter found that the price of the Chanel CF medium size was 38000 yuan in 2019, which has been rising all the way. In September last year, the price directly skyrocketed to 80000 yuan, more than doubling from 2019 to now. The price difference is enough to buy two LV signature Carryall bags.

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