Chanel’s world can actually be “smelled”

Even if you haven’t bought or even smelled No. 5 perfume, you must have obtained information about it from various channels. Undoubtedly, it is a legendary perfume.


Where is the legend?


⊙ For the whole perfume industry, No. 5 perfume is the first designer perfume, and its birth has created a new aesthetic of modern perfume.


Prior to No. 5 perfume, the perfumers basically used local materials, and most of the creation of perfume was realistic, pursuing natural and precious perfumes, so the creation space of the perfumers was naturally limited.


When Ms. Chanel wanted to develop the perfume business of the brand, it was during the industrial revolution at the end of the 19th century. The development of technology ignited the development possibility of all walks of life.


Ms. Chanel acutely proposed the technical requirements: to create a “synthetic perfume”, the addition of acetaldehyde makes a single fragrance complex and abstract.


You must mobilize more physical senses to feel it, and also need more imagination to appreciate it. The creation of perfume has also changed from realism to impressionism.


Since its birth, No. 5 perfume has not only been a perfume, but also opened a new door to the art world, which is a complete innovation that subverts the industry.


⊙ Secondly, for Chanel brand itself, No. 5 perfume is also groundbreaking.


Later, all Chanel perfume were more or less with the shadow of No. 5. They have similar structures and also have highly recognizable styles.


This style is quite unified. Whether Chanel’s perfume was born a hundred years ago or today, it is appropriate. Everyone can get a new feeling and find the door to everything when using it.


At the same time, No. 5 perfume has also laid the foundation for the flavor of Chanel perfume: they never cater to the market to modulate fragrance, and each new flavor will lead the trend of perfume industry.


⊙ For users, Chanel No. 5 and a series of perfume later born by Chanel connect the whole “Chanel universe” like a clue or a medium.


They will allow you to have a closer, more authentic, and more immersive understanding of the stories in Chanel’s world.


Because perfume itself is a synaesthesia art. The famous French modernist poet Baudelaire once said in his poem “CorrESPONDENCES” that reality is a symbolic forest, a combination of aroma, color, and sound.


And as Chanel’s exclusive perfumer Olivier Boju said in the first issue of the Perception Theory in the electronic magazine Perception Chanel, the West and the East seem to be similar in terms of the synesthesia of odors.


In the fifth chapter of “Dream of the Red Chamber”, Baoyu’s dream of fragrance leads to the Tai Xu illusion, where the past, present, and future of twelve women are revealed, and a faint fragrance permeates a certain room in the illusion. The smell is not a single kind of flowers or plants, but a essence of different flowers and pearl trees. It is an undefined, mysterious and unpredictable aroma:

In the perceivable world of perfume, it not only connects the past memory, depicts the present feeling, but also enlightens the future possibility.

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