Herm è s invests in the construction of its 25th leather goods workshop in France

French luxury goods company Herm è s has announced the groundbreaking of the Maroquinerie de Loupes leather goods workshop located in the Gironde department and reiterated its commitment to creating long-term employment opportunities and inheriting excellent craftsmanship in the new Aquitaine region.

The Maroquinerie de Loupes leather goods workshop will be Herm è s 25th leather goods factory in France, planned to be put into operation in 2026, and will employ 260 craftsmen who have received Herm è s excellent technical training. After the opening of Saint Vincent de Paul leather workshop in September 2021, this leather workshop will become Herm è s’ second production base in Gironde province.

This leather goods workshop will enable craftsmen to inherit the culture and technical know-how of the horse and leather products industry. The É cole Herm è s des Savoir fair, an apprenticeship training center certified by the French Ministry of Education, was launched in Gironde in 2023. Herm è s Institute of Excellence in Technology has awarded the French Leather Processing Professional Qualification CAP Certificate and the Cutting and Sewing Professional Qualification CQP Certificate.

In order to meet recruitment needs, Herm è s is collaborating with local partners such as France Travail Nouvelle Aquitaine, GRETA-CFA Aquitaine, and Charles P é gui Middle School located in Eysines. The next batch of students will start receiving training in October 2024 and are currently accepting registration on the Herm è s School of Excellence website.

Herm è s has a strong foundation in the New Aquitaine region, with the Ganterie Maroquinerie de Saint Junien glove and leather workshop in Upper Vienne, Nontron in Dordogne, Montbron in Charente, Saint Vincent de Paul leather workshop in Gironde, and L’Ille d’Espagnac workshop in Charente, which is set to open in 2025. The new Maroquinerie de Loupes will become the sixth production base for Herm è s leather and horse gear in the New Aquitaine region.

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