Morandi’s “LV Trainer” has officially been exposed, and the national mini program has also been released!

LV’s ace shoe trainer, the May style has been updated again, and the shoe circle traffic password mocha color scheme is coming!


At present, the new Morandi color scheme of LV Trainer has been launched on the official LV mini program for sale, with a domestic official price of 10200 yuan. It has to be said that Trainer is really getting more and more expensive


This new product introduces four color schemes, all presented in the Morandi color scheme, bringing four color schemes: mocha, light pink, dirty pink, and yellow. It is worth mentioning that mocha color is exclusive to men’s styles, while yellow is exclusive to women’s styles.


Among them, the most popular one should be the cockroach mocha color that Travis Scott brought to life. This time, a slightly lower concentration light colored mocha was used to create it, paired with a highly adaptable milk tea color, which is basically a safe and popular configuration.


In terms of materials, the classic combination of leather and frosted suede is still used, with a modern LV logo logo on the heel instead of the retro # 54, and the Louis Vuitton on the side is presented in black font.

The other three color schemes are basically consistent with the Mocha design concept and belong to the classic color palette. We will not elaborate on them one by one here.


However, it is worth mentioning that all four new color schemes this time use tie dyed gradient shoelaces in the same color scheme, which can be considered small details~

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