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The new LV models are really not too outrageous!

During this period of time, LV has really launched many new handbags, and it is also in time for the season change. It is necessary to add a beginner’s bag with only a spring and summer feeling in the bag cabinet. Therefore, this article is specifically used to show everyone a new LV handbag.

No matter when it’s new, LV’s vintage handbags are definitely the most popular, and this wave of new vintage handbags is also very exciting.

I don’t know how many treasures are still hidden in the vintage style of Lao Hua. No matter how much you dig, you can’t finish it. The vintage camel bag has always been a popular premium item, and this time it has been replicated and returned. You can buy the new model now.

The new Camel Bag VIBE handbag almost restores the shape and design details of the medieval style, with adjustable shoulder straps and added some matching methods. LV is obsessed with adding a wide shoulder strap to their bags, and of course, the new VIBE handbag is also included.

The CANO É handbag is a design that combines two popular bags, a wealth bucket and a water bucket bag. The lower part is a relatively rigid wealth bucket bag shape, and the upper part is a drawstring design of the No é water bucket bag, which combines practicality and style.

LV’s vintage waist bag is also a popular bag style. The celebrity blogger has just stopped producing one, but this time LV has brought back the waist bag. It is practical, versatile, and very fashionable. They have been waiting for the trendy essence of this handbag to buy it quickly.

If you’re missing a trendy vintage underarm bag, the new POCHETTE TIRETTE handbag is perfect. With a simple and high-end bag shape and exquisite detachable padlock decoration, it’s a bit like a classic mahjong bag.

LV has also released a new round cake bag, which has a delicate handheld handle on the basis of the original bag shape. The bag itself is still a one-piece round cake bag shape, and the new handbag has a more stylish feel.

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