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Louis Vuitton
Industry: Luggage, leather goods, ready to wear Established in 1854
Founder: Louis Vuitton Company: LVMH Country: France
Designers: Nicolas Ghesquiere, Virgil Abloh

Brand Story

One morning in 1835, a 14-year-old boy in France decided to leave his hometown and embark on a new journey of life by hiking towards Paris, 450 kilometers away.

With the skills learned from his father’s workshop, Xiao Louis quickly became useful in the wooden box shop opened by Mr. Mare Charles in Paris. The opportunity of history came in 1852, when Napoleon III ascended the throne. The proud French territory and the roar of the steam revolution signify the arrival of a new era of tourism. Making traveling by train and ship the best hobby of the French nobility. The French royal family and nobles have a common need when traveling – customized luggage and packaging services.

Louis Vuitton, due to his extensive experience in luggage packing, was fortunate enough to be selected as the official travel packager for Queen Eugenie, which quickly propelled him into high society and accumulated many royal connections. For aesthetic and rainproof considerations, the boxes of that era were all leather arched boxes, but because many noble luggage boxes were difficult to stack, it was very troublesome. This showed him a business opportunity. In 1854, Louis Vuitton revolutionized the creation of a flat top leather suitcase,

And opened its first store in Paris, launching its own eponymous brand – Louis Vuitton luggage. The leather suitcase was crafted with excellent techniques and gained great fame in Paris at that time. Princes and nobles from various countries ordered it one after another, making LV quickly become the most exquisite symbol of leather travel goods. In 1905, LV was officially registered as a brand and became an internationally renowned company.

Brand recognition

In 1888, George Vuitton introduced a new design for LV suitcases, inspired by the spirit of travel, creating a logo pattern with stars, petals, diamonds, and LV lettering.

Classic advertising slogans

Where will life take you? Where will life lead you?

The journey is life itself.

A journal shows us not only the world But how we fit in it. Traveling not only allows me to see the world, but also shows us our place in it.

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