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In the 20th century, Gabriel Chanel created a simple and luxurious little black dress for the ladies of the upper class, successfully shaping the unique femininity of hardness and softness. The little black dress is an elegant revolution.

In 1926, Ms. Chanel first released her little black dress. This gives women a brand new freedom to showcase another form of female beauty beyond traditional established norms. Women are always focused on all colors and often overlook the lack of color. They believe that black, like white, embodies the essence of all colors. They represent absolute beauty and showcase perfect harmony. In the same year, a black dress was released. Chanel mini black dresses are usually designed with simple designs, so accessories become a highlight of mini black dresses. Pearls, brooches, bras, belts, etc. all become small elements that add color to mini black dresses.

In 1930, Ms. Chanel refreshed her little black dress with a camellia flower. Since 1960, camellias have bloomed everywhere, from the simplest white silk flowers to a variety of clothing accessories. At the beginning of the 21st century, Chanel High end Jewelry made camellia the most important theme in many collections.

In 1957, Ms. Chanel took inspiration from men’s casual shoes and launched two tone shoes that were vastly different from traditional ones. The black toe tips make women’s feet appear more slender and agile, while the beige shoe body and back straps blend with the skin to elongate leg lines. The side of the shoe is fitted with elastic bands for a more comfortable fit. These ingenious innovative elements have made Chanel two tone shoes a great design, drawing inspiration from numerous brands.

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