Eternal Classic – Chanel

Founder Gabrielle Chanel founded the Chanel brand in Paris, France in 1913. Chanel has a wide range of products, including clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, perfume. Each product is famous, especially her perfume and fashion. Chanels is a famous brand with over 80 years of experience. Chanel fashion always has an elegant, simple, and exquisite style. She is good at breaking through tradition and successfully pushed “colorful and bound” women’s clothing to be simple and comfortable as early as the 1940s. This may be the earliest modern leisure clothing.

Chanel’s design has a distinct personal color, she pursues freedom but is attached to men; She is strong and independent, but full of feminine charm. The most unique feature of Chanel’s brand, led by Ms. Chanel, is its practicality and grandeur. She draws inspiration from the surroundings of life, especially love, unlike other designers who require others to cooperate with their designs. The Chanel brand provides liberating freedom and choice, transforming clothing design from a male centric trend to an independent stage that expresses female beauty, and transforming the essential needs of women into the essence of the Chanel brand.

Chanel’s iconic logo is composed of two capital letters “C” stacked back to back, reflecting the ultimate minimalist design concept, while also containing endless imagination. This logo was personally designed by its founder Coco Chanel in 1925 and has been in use ever since. There are three different sources of inspiration for this logo. One is that it was inspired by the glass windows of Aubazine Church, where Coco Chanel spent her childhood. Secondly, Coco Chanel stumbled upon a Renaissance era double C logo at a party and fell in love at first sight, eventually incorporating it into the logo design. And the last statement is the most widely accepted one in many years. Writer Justin Picardy once said that the double C logo in the Chanel logo is actually a metaphor, expressing that although Coco Chanel and Capel did not eventually get married, they had a wonderful time together.

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