Chanel embarks on a new level of ugliness? “Fragrant Grandma” Becomes “Rural Grandma”, The 2025 Early Spring Series Was Mocked by Netizens

Chanel, a globally renowned luxury brand, is renowned for its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship.

However, the recently launched 2025 Early Spring series has sparked a heated debate about aesthetics.

Many netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the design of this season, believing that its level of design is not even as good as Chanel’s classic works from forty years ago.

In the 2025 early spring collection display, only one set of clothing received some recognition from the audience, while the other designs were widely criticized as “extremely ugly.”.

This response is in stark contrast to Chanel’s glorious achievements in history, raising questions about whether this former fashion giant has lost its innovative edge.

From the comments of netizens, it can be seen that they are confused about the color selection and style design of clothing.

The clothing in the early spring collection is mostly in deep black, which is out of place with the vibrant and relaxed atmosphere of early spring and vacation. The makeup of the models also appears too indifferent, lacking the warmth and vitality they deserve.

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