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Why did Chanel also choose to host a show in Hong Kong?

After LV, Chanel also chose Hong Kong.


According to Fashion Business News, the Chanel 2025 early spring vacation collection, recently released in Marseille, France, will be showcased again on November 5th at a fashion show in Hong Kong. This is the second consecutive year that the brand has held a major event in China after last year’s Shenzhen fashion show.


Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Chanel’s fashion department, stated that although Chinese consumers are gradually resuming outbound tourism, Chanel’s overall business in the Chinese market is still growing and sees Hong Kong as one of the important strategic centers.


Chanel is adding to the Chinese market. Prior to this fashion show, Chanel plans to hold a large-scale retrospective exhibition of founder Gabrielle Chanel’s life titled “Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto” at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art from July 12th to November 24th. It is expected to showcase over 200 Gabrielle Chanel works from Chanel, the Palace of Galera, multiple international museums and institutions, as well as private collections.


This is the first retrospective exhibition of Gabrielle Chanel’s works in China. The exhibition first made its debut at the Paris Museum of Fashion in 2020, and later toured to cities such as Melbourne, Tokyo, and London.


The every move of top luxury brands is often a key milestone in market development.

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