Focusing on Music and Starlight Music for Chameleons

Focusing on Music and Starlight Music for Chameleons, the stage setting for this grand show was passionately created by renowned designer James Chinlund.

He cleverly utilized the natural landscape and architectural features of Gui’er Park, integrating the runway space with the surrounding environment. The placement of the seats follows the contour design of the space, providing the audience with an excellent viewing experience.

The selection of runway music is also ingenious, with two extraordinary tracks running through the entire show, bringing exciting audio-visual performances.

The first one is “Music for Chameleons” by electronic pop music giant Gary Numan. Gary Numan injected unprecedented electronic rhythms into popular music through a synthesizer, announcing the birth of Synthepop, and Music for Chameleons is another masterpiece of his music style.

As a pioneer of electronic music and new wave music in the 1980s, Gary Numan’s musical works had a significant impact on party culture in the 1980s, inspiring many musicians to try combining electronic music with pop music to create more innovative and contemporary music.

The other song “Madame Butterfly” comes from Malcolm McLaren, the “father of British punk”. In the 1970s in Britain, a wave of rebellion swept across the entire music industry, and the source of this wave was Malcolm McLaren. He discovered and cultivated the legendary British punk band Sex Pistols, making it an important milestone in the history of punk music.

Malcolm McLaren firmly believes that music should be a free, direct, and unrestrained way of expression that can inspire people’s inner rebellion and pursuit of freedom. In addition to focusing on the music itself, he also further promoted the popularity and development of punk culture through the combination of clothing and music.

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