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The Louis Vuitton 2025 early spring collection stands out in this unparalleled architectural organic system, not only paying tribute to Antoni Gaud í’s architectural masterpieces, but also a deep exploration of Spain’s splendid culture. In the words of Nicolas Ghesqui è re, this country gives people a sense of solidity and rigor, but at the same time, it also symbolizes freedom, youth, and a luxurious way of life.

Nicolas Ghesqui è re’s interpretation of Spanish culture and art will be reflected in this new series. The first and third sets of Look, which first appeared on stage, referenced the traditional wide neckline style of sailors in the neckline, seemingly echoing the upcoming 37th Barcelona Copa America Sailing Race. The shoulder silhouette design, which presents an inverted triangular shape, draws inspiration from his youthful silhouettes from the 1980s and looks more formal.

At the beginning of the show, a series of looks were showcased, featuring well cut neutral designs paired with straw hats and mirrored racing sunglasses. Inspired by Sombrero Cordob é s, the wide brimmed hats in the new collection are adorned with traditional Spanish tones and glossy finishes, paired with oversized rainbow glasses, bringing a bold collision in style.

The colorful inspiration brought by this place of art is not only here – Flamenco, a dance art originating from Spain, has become a treasure of Spanish culture with its unique rhythm, movements, and passionate performance style; The party style of the 1980s became a classic in the fashion industry with bold colors, unique cuts, and strong personality. Nicolas Ghesqui è re cleverly combines two completely different elements, injecting new vitality into the Louis Vuitton 2025 early spring collection.

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