Salute to Barcelona and ANTONI GAUDI

From luxurious private mansions in Palm Springs, California, to the Niteroi Museum of Contemporary Art, to the Miho Museum, the Salk Institute of Biology, and then to Lake Maggiore on Bella Island. Nicolas Ghesqui è re usually chooses a masterpiece of architecture as his showcase for his new series, and Barcelona’s Guill Park, designed by modernist architect Antoni Gaud í and listed as a World Heritage Site, is his new destination for this trip.


The colorful tiles, winding stairs, and unique architectural forms in Gui’er Park have all become the inspiration for Nicolas Ghesqui è re this time. He delved into Gaud í’s works and skillfully used the tones of “sombra y sol” (sun and shadow) to create a rich Spanish flavor through the varying shades of brown, beige, and gray. At the same time, this color tone also reminds people of the colored tiles in Gaud í architecture.


Antonio Gaud í, with his unique imagination and profound understanding of nature, has endowed Barcelona with endless artistic charm. This city is brilliant and eternal because of him. To this day, his works still shine brightly in Barcelona, constantly evolving new inheritance concepts that align with the values that Louis Vuitton has always upheld.

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