Chanel, make another move! Acquisition of French high-end and luxury clothing manufacturer JY BH

French luxury brand Chanel continues to strengthen its industrial chain and earlier acquired JY BH, which focuses on producing high-end and luxury ready to wear clothing.

JY BH was founded by French fashion designer Jean Yves Boh è re. Through this transaction, Jean Yves Boh è re himself, four high-end workshops under the group, and all employees will join Chanel while continuing to provide services to their original customers.

Jean Yves Boh è re has served as a production manager or factory manager in multiple brands. In 1999, he acquired Marque&Mod located in Saint Jean d’Eyraud, specializing in the production of women’s flannel and large flannel fabrics, thus establishing JY BH. In 2005, he acquired the PR3 workshop located in Bourges, focusing on cutting and sewing sleeves for clothing. The workshop gradually became the core business of JY BH Group, with annual sales reaching 4 million euros.

In 2013, Jean Yves Boh è re further strengthened the company’s strength by acquiring two other workshops: Confection de Sully, founded in 1954 in Sully on the Loire River, and Domcia Production, founded in 1950 in Dunlepoellier, Indre River region. They also established a design office responsible for developing women’s and men’s clothing collections, continuing to promote the modernization of high-end clothing production.

Chanel pointed out that “this decision is in line with the common interests of both parties. JY BH Group has obtained a solid partner that can bring it long-term visibility, while Chanel helps to preserve France’s important excellent craftsmanship.”. The company further emphasizes that according to Chanel’s consistent strategy, the acquired workshop will continue to have cooperative relationships with all external customers.

According to local media reports, after the completion of this acquisition, Jean Yves Boh è re will continue to take the helm for a year.

Chanel has been steadily increasing its own production capacity of high-end clothing accessories. Since 1985, the company has acquired over 40 high-end workshops and manufacturers, including 12 workshops and approximately 30 manufacturers.

In January 2022, Chanel’s M é tiers d’Art high-end handicraft workshop headquarters, located in the northeast corner of Paris, was officially completed in the Le19M building, bringing together 11 high-end workshops under its umbrella, including:

Lognon (fabric), Eres (swimwear and underwear), Goossens (jewelry), Lesag é Interieurs (furniture fabric embroidery), Massaro (handmade footwear), Paloma (fabric), Studio MTX (furniture fabric embroidery), Montex (embroidery), Lemari é (feathers), Maison Michel (headwear), and Lesage (embroidery).

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