Chanel CHANEL 1957

This one has a relatively light taste, giving off a pseudo body fragrance. It’s also recommended by many people to plant grass. If you don’t like the strong flavor, you can choose this one. The base note smells good, very clean and high class. This is also a product that many people will definitely mention when recommending the Rich Family Qianjin Xiang, which belongs to the elegant and intellectual category of the Rich Family Qianjin Xiang.

At the moment when the fragrance emanates into the air, one can feel the warmth and tenderness brought by 1957. The white musk in top note has a slight aldehyde fragrance. The taste of white musk becomes more lingering and lingering.

The clean texture of white musk in middle note and the interweaving of orange blossom are like the sunlight filtered by gauze, which is soft but still dazzling. Pink pepper and vanilla honey appear faintly in the aroma, bringing a slightly hazy atmosphere to the overall atmosphere. While blurring the aroma outline, it also makes you feel that this delicate and elegant woman has become mysterious.

Top note: pink pepper, coriander, white musk, fragrant lemon, aldehyde

Middle note: white musk, jasmine

Base note: vanilla, honey, white musk, cedar, cashmere musk, iris

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