I found a dream romance in Chanel

If you have to choose a product in Chanel that will never stop production, I wonder how you would make that choice?

My select should also be a dream CHANEL for many girls, but let me play a trick here and give you some clues to guess.

It was launched in 1987 and was discontinued for a period of time before returning in 2022; Its design is closely related to Chanel’s classic handbag and N°5 perfume.

Did you guess? It’s the Chanel Premi è re watch ▼

Driven by the key point of “out of print design return”, I did not hesitate to purchase it as soon as it was re launched two years ago. It’s not an exaggeration to say that after buying it, I greatly reduced the frequency of using other brands of watches because it’s really easy to wear on a daily basis.

As mentioned earlier, the Premi è re was actually born as early as 1987, and it also has a very important identity. It is the first Chanel watch designed for women in its history.

Before it, most women’s watches were improved from men’s watches, and the emergence of Premi è re broke the norm.

From a female perspective, designer Jacques Helleu fully considered the slender body shape of women’s wrists and designed it to be beautiful, high-end, but not overly luxurious, effectively balancing daily life.

From the design details of this watch, it also comes with its own spirituality.

The biggest memory point it gives to people overall should be the leather chain element of the watch strap, which is also what attracted me at the beginning. I even habitually hold it in my hand to touch and appreciate it, and the traces of use left over time will show its retro side. I really like it more and more as I look at it.

The design of the leather wearing chain immediately reminds people of Chanel’s classic handbag, and in fact, this design is also inspired from it.

We all know that before the classic Chanel handbag, women’s bags had no chains. Its appearance made women’s backpacks no longer bound and more comfortable, making it the first bag to free women’s hands.

And Chanel’s watch is named after Premi è re, which means “primary” and “best” in French.

When wearing it, it seems to constantly remind us that although time passes invisibly, as long as we take care of our own emotions, even ordinary moments will become meaningful.

In addition to the bracelet, the dial design of the Premi è re is also very distinctive. It is not a traditional square, but an octagonal shape.

This design is not a random idea. It draws on the shape of Chanel N ° 5 perfume bottle cap

Even the cutting of the watch mirror evolved from the bottle cap, so unlike the tight fit between the watch mirror and the diameter design of a regular watch, its watch mirror is three-dimensional and thick, just like a gemstone embedded.

Every time I take it off, I like to watch it shine under the refraction of light, just like appreciating a diamond ring. This kind of moment is a pleasure for me.

The prototype of this design is the Palace Vend ô me in Paris, France. Upon closer inspection, you will discover how exquisite the design of Premi è re is!

The entire square is like its dial, with the shadow of the commemorative pillar in the center changing angle with the sunlight as a pointer, and the strap on both sides of Heping Street.

Since the 1930s, Ms. Chanel has been living on the fourth floor of the Ritz Hotel, and from the balcony of the hotel, you can see Fangdeng Square. Palace Vend ô me has also become a source of inspiration for many of her creations.

During her stay at the Ritz Hotel, Ms. Chanel often looked at Fangdeng Square from the balcony of her room, and this habit gradually became a ritual in her daily life. Later, she also mentioned in her memoir that these days may seem ordinary, but they are the most comfortable and comfortable time of her life.

The design of Premi è re, like Fangdeng Square, is not complicated but contains power.

Especially its black dial with no time scale, combined with gold pointers and black gold leather bracelets, has a unique recognition while giving people a sense of calm power.

Not only that, its watch buckle is also designed with “small” and “large” energy, seemingly inconspicuous but actually hidden secrets. A simple flip buckle also has a small buckle inside, giving a sense of wearing ceremony.

Every time you wear or pick it up, you can easily have a sense of ritual like wearing high-end jewelry, making people feel happy.

Being agile yet elegant is also a treasure recipe for daily wardrobes.

You can be as concise and agile as Ines de la Fressange demonstrated in last century’s commercials, making layering the biggest highlight of your body

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