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Former “attitude youth” Alexander Wang now?

Recently, Fashion Week has been going on like wildfire. While searching for “novelty” on the runway with an octuple lens in the editorial department, I successfully caught an old friend named Alexander Wang who was familiar but also unfamiliar with the New York runway schedule. In the 2023 autumn/winter collection, designer Wang Daren moved the runway site back to his home ground in New York for the first time since the 19 year “sexual harassment” controversy.

Perhaps due to the scandal leading to a reduction in the number of Runways over the past four years, Alexander Wang’s 2023 autumn/winter collection’s “one click three in a row” runway show is full of sincerity. The entire series is wrapped in a psychedelic and desire filled pink syrup, coinciding with this hormone filled month. Wang Daren also gave the new series a romantic name, Cupid’s Door.

The release of the new series of runway shows has brought AW back to its sexy and fashionable image, but everyone is also looking at it and saying, “Long time no see, have you changed again?”?!

The tassels wrap around the woman’s body in a heart-shaped decoration, and the bra, stripped of its lining, cuddles with the soft fur in a sexy posture. The cutting of street clothing remains consistently sophisticated, with wide shoulder oversized suits, revealing undershirts, and timeless inner bras all conveying a mysterious message – this is indeed Alexander Wang.

But the most surprising and incredible aspect of this show is the lack of Big Brother’s iconic closing ceremony, which may also indicate that this New York comeback show will become the boundary of brand transformation.

The neutral style of the past has been replaced by the sexy and coquettish atmosphere of today, and to some extent, AW is indeed undergoing a transformation. However, breakthrough attempts can sometimes put brands in a dilemma. For the once highly anticipated designer Wang Daren, is the past too beautiful a good thing?

As a highly anticipated young fashion brand in New York, Alexander Wang, a Chinese American designer, has always been referred to as the “child of others” in traditional Chinese terms. With an excellent benchmark image, he has been talked about by the domestic fashion circle after dinner. Looking back at Alexander Wang before “that incident”, it is fitting to compare it with “Brilliant Star Path” – it should be noted that before his official debut, Big Brother was Marc Jacobs’ right-hand man.

Regarding fashion, Wang Daren’s attitude has always been very clear: he doesn’t like boring fashion, and maintaining imperfection is his true idea. In the early days, Alexander Wang was known for his control over black accents, with advanced and sophisticated cutting techniques combined with avant-garde and personalized fashion styles quickly winning the favor of young people.

In 2013, Alexander Wang invited renowned photographer Steven Klein to shoot and perform by supermodel Malgosia Bela, showcasing his personal brand’s avant-garde spirit with a set of colorless advertising blockbusters.

In 2014, also marking the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the eponymous brand, Alexander Wang re released 10 classic brand items. These ten works are the most popular styles of AW brand as of 2014. The filming of the blockbuster films follows the consistent black and white style, but temporarily “stops” the avant-garde shooting techniques, emphasizing the percentage of modern and modern clothing.

But this convergence is indeed temporary, and the two sets of spring/summer and autumn/winter series blockbusters that followed in the same year were both surprisingly bold. The 2014 Spring/Summer collection features 20-year-old model Anna Ewers posing in various provocative poses in the bathroom, interpreting her understanding of 90s nostalgia from a rebellious perspective.

The girl lies decadent on the tiled floor of the toilet, blowing bubble gum without caring about whether the surrounding environment is dirty, messy, or poor. The photographer portrays the rebellious and rebellious behavior of the campus girl from a perspective that is similar to prying. However, looking back at these bold films after today’s scandal, it seems to add a hint of irony.

Do you still remember the “Century Cooperation” between AW and fast-moving consumer goods brand H&M? Through this grand collaboration, Alexander Wang’s personal and brand awareness has been further enhanced.

At the Coachella Music Festival, Da Renge, who had already tasted the sweetness of traffic, had already “warmed up” this collaboration plan in advance. Once the news was released, it quickly became a hot topic, and European and American stars even called it the “dream product” series. In a year when co branding was not yet widespread, Alexander Wang innovatively combined iconic high streets, sports elements with H&M to make daily life more relaxed. Not only did he win the favor of fashion magazines, but he was quickly sold out as soon as it went on sale.

In 2017, Alexander Wang teamed up with adidas to launch the adidas Originals by Alexander Wang series, with a rebellious inverted clover design that was eye-catching. At that time, street fashion with a sense of daily life had already taken root in the youth group, and this time the co branded series clearly once again firmly grasped their appetite.

The above changes demonstrate that Da Renge is good at capturing current hot trends, which also means that for young people, Alexander Wang’s “shelf life” does not have an absolute deadline.


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