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Prada brand culture

Brand logo

PRADA clothing, except for the PRADA capital letters on the fabric label, has almost no obvious identification mark, only leather goods have obvious identification marks.

① PRADA: Occasionally, it will be lightly imprinted on the surface of leather goods by hot pressing.

② The inverted triangle iron logo: This iron logo only appears on PRADA leather products and is almost everyone’s first impression. In addition to PRADA, there will be a line below it indicating the MILANO brand’s birthplace, as well as the year the brand was founded in 1913. If one word is missing, it is not PRADA.

[Nylon] Authentic Prada’s nylon is made of parachute material, which is heat-resistant, thick, firm, and tough. Its surface reflectivity is not high, and diagonal lines can be seen under a magnifying glass. The fake Prada is made of ordinary chemical fibers, which are either too light or too thin without texture, or too thick or too hard with poor hand feel. The material surface is either very smooth or extremely dull, and circular dots can be seen under a magnifying glass.

Genuine Prada is made from cowhide, sheepskin, and even crocodile skin, with all leather layers having distinct leather lines and a unique leather flavor. The cortex of fake Prada is harder and has fewer wrinkles.

The genuine Prada metal zipper has a heavier weight. The fake Prada zipper is very lightweight.

[Origin] There are many types of authentic prada, among which the best ones are from Italy, while others are from China and Vietnam.

The genuine Prada nylon strap is very elastic, with a nylon surface that is not prone to pilling, and there are diagonal lines on the strap. The straps of the fake Prada are very thin and have little elasticity, and there are no diagonal lines on the straps.

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