New Gucci transformation! What do you think?

I believe that whether you love buying bags or love fashion, everyone must know!

The latest two seasons of super news in the fashion industry~

Gucci welcomes a new creative director, Sabato! Many people are eagerly anticipating what the new Gucci will look like!


With everyone looking forward to it, Gucci will undergo a big transformation as soon as he makes his debut in spring/summer 2024!

It is completely different from the colorful and complex flowers before, and suddenly becomes much simpler.

A group of individual items have clearly become more everyday and practical to wear.


Among them, the most impressive and quickly viral on the entire network! It’s the red color that runs through the entire show – Gucci’s “Ankara Red”!

At first, many people didn’t think much of this red color.

It looks like it’s just wine red, what’s special about it?


Who ever thought that the more you look at it, the better it looks!

This Ankara red not only has a deep sense of burgundy, but also carries a sense of mystery and sexiness~


In the wine red color tone, there seems to be a faint hint of deep blue tone, like jumping flames, shining and charming!

At the same time, wearing it on a large area exudes a strong aura, giving people a noble and wealthy tone!

Especially when paired with patent leather material, the upper body appears sharp and textured.


Gucci is really awesome this time! Not only bags and ready to wear clothes, but also packaging boxes and bags have been made in this color.

It became the representative color of the new Gucci~


In the men’s fashion show behind Gucci and the latest autumn/winter women’s fashion show, Angela Hong also appeared in large numbers on the runway.

Boys use a big Jackie to pair with suits, while girls use Ankara red to pair with gray dresses and grass green pants, and so on.


Just keep watching all the way!

I watched more and more, and suddenly one day I realized that I was already on top of it!


Don’t be fooled by its rich color, this Ankara red is particularly eye-catching!

Now on the street, if you see someone wearing an Ankara red or holding an Ankara red Jackie, you really think she’s so fashionable~

She must be a girl who is at the forefront of fashion and has a unique style!


Actually, this Ankara red has quite some background~

It is said that Sabato’s first purchase of Gucci’s item was a deep red velvet set designed by Tom Ford at the store.

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