Gucci’s vision for a new runway

As is well known, both Enlightenment and modernity value vision, while fashion, as an intuitive visual language, carries less attention to its ideological nature. Especially in the current era of social media and artificial intelligence, the gap between the body and the mind is widening, and the ideological nature of fashion is submerged in monotonous selfies, clich é s of copying and pasting, as well as endless and increasingly scattered doubts.

Therefore, romance alone is not enough, as it can appear deliberate, vulgar, and unable to withstand questioning, Sabato clearly knows this well, “I like to take what we think we know, break its rules, push it to the extreme without distorting it. Lead it in the opposite direction, and then find harmony.”

Did he break known rules, push them to the extreme, and lead them in the opposite direction, then find harmony?

When experiencing a mutation, facing external doubts, the mutation will be tested by the market in a wide range of value systems and general consumer cognition. The ultimate outcome is nothing more than two: either sticking to one’s own values or letting the market make a choice. From Sabato’s words, it can be seen that he wants both.

Romance is known, dress rules are known, and they are all broken by him. The harmony he wants to achieve is that he uses the public and inclusive attributes of art museums to juxtapose countless dichotomy stories such as “rigor and luxury, power and delicacy, British style and Italian accent”, in order to awaken public thinking about the social mission and wearing experience of fashion.

The dichotomy is very intuitive in terms of design: short coats made of technical woolen fabric have high precision, contrasting with wild chamomile flower patterns that are soft and attached to the body; In jacket design, security and rarity are opposed to chiffon, pleats, and lace; Meeting evening wear and regular attire, etc.

This creative vision is not solely driven by Sabato’s stubbornness, but rather echoes Gucci’s tradition. The difference lies in his style, which is more warm and inclusive compared to his predecessors, and he relinquishes the ultimate power of interpretation. After all, the expression and rules of dress, whether in line with tradition or subverted, all stem from the self consistency of individual life experiences. As he explained in his runway notes, “There is always a tension between different ideas, ideals, and identities. This is precisely the individual’s variable speed.”

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