The Gucci GUCCI INTERLocking jewelry collection is at its best, adding new works to its collection

The Gucci Interlocking jewelry collection is a new addition. The brand’s iconic interlocking double G elements are embellished within the disc-shaped gemstone, fashionable and modern, exquisite and eye-catching. All new products exude a timeless and elegant atmosphere, with colorful gemstones contrasting sharply with the background. The interlocking double G elements further highlight the complex craftsmanship and balanced aesthetics of the new product.


This series includes three jewelry pieces set with different gemstones, including onyx, green agate, and mother of pearl shells. Black agate and gold complement each other, green agate and rose gold beads blend together, while the mother of pearl shell style is even more luxurious, made of rose gold material and set with diamonds in the center. Each set of jewelry includes two rings, set with 12mm and 17mm disc-shaped gemstones, as well as a bracelet, a pair of earrings, a pair of circular earrings with pendants, and a necklace with a 12mm pendant. There are also two necklaces adorned with 27mm onyx and round metal pendants of mother of pearl shells.


The interlocking double G logo has been a representative design element of Gucci since the 1960s, not only paying tribute to the brand founder Guccio Gucci, but also a model of luxury, quality, and Italian craftsmanship.

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