Will Sabato’s “British complex” work?

According to Sabato’s self description, London is of great significance to him, and the idea for this big show largely stems from his personal experience in this city – London’s inclusiveness and foresight undoubtedly had a huge inspiration for Sabato as a young man.

Unlike Michele’s grand and Mars splattering London complex, the GUCCI 2025 early spring collection created by Sabato De Sarno may not seem to be associated with the impression of London on the surface, but it reminds people of the British ICON from different eras, from Jane Birkin to Kate Moss, and then to Alexa Chung. Many of GUCCI’s new outfits are like “replicas” of several ICON classic outfits.

Starting from Sabato’s first season, people can feel his control over cutting. Whether in women’s or men’s clothing, his use of traditional fashion cutting methods and the fusion of wide and exquisite materials are a major symbol he has given to the new GUCCI. Distinguishing the romantic and unrestrained GUCCI by Michele from the past is his own way of continuing Italian fashion heritage, and also showing people a “more minimalist” GUCCI.

However, this season’s GUCCI interweaves heavy and lightweight fabrics, with different fur accents in candy colored chiffon evoking a “girlish vibe”. The collision of embroidery and tannins also has a fresh sense of impact, with colorful tassels, studs, and prints presenting a bright visual effect. The collision of macaron colored materials at the end of the show gives the early spring collection more relevant expressions.

Revival bag accessories are an issue that almost all creative directors of luxury brands need to pay attention to. For Sabato and GUCCI, who urgently need the help of popular products, the Jackie and Horsebit Chain series handbags, which were refurbished and heavily promoted in the previous seasons, seem to have not met expectations, while the sponge cake shoes have shown two levels of evaluation in the market.

In this season’s accessories, Sabato De Sarno has switched strategies and started focusing on bags and flat soles. Large size GG logo backpacks made of different materials such as suede and canvas are particularly eye-catching, reminding people of the street appearance of major fashion ICONs around the millennium; Flat ballet shoes, as an important trend in the past two years, have also been updated in GUCCI’s new series. The square toe design integrates elements of GUCCI Horsebit, and is also in line with the brand’s recent promotion of equestrian essence

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