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Gucci’s parent company is once again poaching people from L’Oreal

Recently, Gucci’s parent company, Kaiyun Group’s beauty department, appointed Alexandre Choueiri, who has worked at L’Oreal for over 20 years, as the President and CEO of the Americas region.

Qingyan has discovered that in recent years, whether it is a luxury goods group newly entering the beauty industry or other international beauty companies, “L’Oreal” executives have become “hot cakes” and are being sought after by companies.

According to media reports, a joint memorandum sent by Raffaella Corneggia, CEO of Kaiyun Beauty Department, and Sarah Rotheram, CEO of Creed, to American retailers shows that Alexandre Choueiri has been working at L’Oreal Group since 2000, starting his career under the Lancome brand, and then serving as Marketing Director at Helena for four years.

After temporarily leaving L’Oreal Group for two years in 2006, Choueiri returned to Lancome in 2008 as the General Manager of the Lancome brand in the UK and Ireland, continuing to drive brand growth and innovation.

Since 2012, Choueiri has transferred to IDC (a special group of L’Oreal’s American high-end cosmetics department) to focus on luxury perfume and beauty brands, responsible for supervising Armani beauty, YSL beauty and all L’Oreal designers’ perfume and other well-known brands in the United States, and ultimately served as the general referee of IDC.

It is noteworthy that Choueiri recently worked as the global brand president of Ralph Lauren perfume under L’Oreal Group. In other words, Choueiri is a

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