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L’Oreal executives have become “hot cakes”

In recent years, the trend of L’Oreal Group becoming the “Huangpu Military Academy” in the beauty industry has become increasingly evident. Previously, public reports showed that in the first half of 2019-2023, major beauty companies announced at least 20 appointments of “L’Oreal” executives.

Further investigation by Qingyan reveals that since 2023 alone, at least 14 new executives (mainly in the beauty business) from companies such as Kaiyun Group, Herm è s, and LVMH have worked at L’Oreal, exceeding half of the previous five years.

Among them, LVMH is undoubtedly one of the companies that love “L’Oreal style” executives the most. For example, in March last year, LVMH restructured its beauty department and appointed former CEO of L’Oreal China, Sibo Han, as the chairman and CEO of the beauty department, managing 15 beauty brands including Guerlain, Fulaishi, Beilingfei, Meikefei, Fenty Beauty, and Parma Water. Shortly thereafter, LVMH hired three individuals who had previously worked at L’Oreal as core executives in the group’s beauty business.

In addition, in December last year, LVMH Group announced the appointment of Claire de Coincy as the Director of Human Resources. And she has worked at L’Oreal Group for over 11 years, serving as a leader in the human resources department, with the main goal of recruiting and cultivating top talents for the luxury goods department of the group’s brands.

Last October, Herm è s announced that its former CEO in Greater China, Luc Hennard (Han Luke), would be transferred to the position of CEO for Europe and the Middle East, with Sophie Visiting taking over as the CEO of Herm è s China. Based on Sophie Vissing’s personal resume, she has served as a senior executive at L’Oreal Group for nearly 15 years.

Not only luxury goods companies are interested in L’Oreal executives, but talent flow between international beauty groups is also quite common.

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