Jackie, the main package for the new Gucci!

The Hobo bag, which is already lazy, casual, and very fashionable, combined with the Ankara red, feels even more stylish~


Don’t be fooled by its bright and unique colors, it’s actually very easy to handle.

At the recent Milan Fashion Week, many bloggers memorized the Gucci Jackie from Angela and paired it with various styles of looks, making it incredibly fashionable!


Ankara Red Jackie now comes in two sizes, both of which are the favorite choices for girls.

One is a small size, which is a very standard underarm bag!

The rounded Hobo’s back and upper body are very relaxed, with a hint of red inadvertently exposed, which can add a unique charm to the overall look of the body~


Especially for the patent leather version, the glossy leather with a pleated effect looks very attractive~

Dress up a bit and still have an old-fashioned money style, high-end and prestigious!


Like ready-made clothes, Jackie has also returned to pragmatism~

The chain buckle has been replaced with the previous Lobster lobster hook buckle, which can be operated with one hand in daily use and is very convenient.


And the capacity of the small Jackie is also very good~

For example, the mobile phones, powder lipstick and keys that girls are used to taking when going out can be easily installed, which is sufficient for daily use.


At the same time, it also comes with a red and green woven extended shoulder strap~

After connecting it, it immediately turned into a one shoulder crossbody bag, which not only frees up hands when needed, but also appears more free and unrestrained!


In addition to the patent leather material, the Ankara Red Jackie also has a matte cowhide leather option to choose from.

Compared to that, it’s less flamboyant and looks more low-key~

Smooth and soft cowhide leather, with a faint and delicate luster, completely free from dullness, and a very high-quality texture!


It is also very uplifting and elegant to carry on a daily basis.

Especially when paired with a neutral color, this red is the finishing touch! But I won’t steal the limelight at all, and there’s also a Hong Kong style atmosphere~


Girls who usually like to carry small bags can take a look at Mini Jackie Notte.

A bag the size of a palm, very cute and playful to hold in the hand~


And unlike the mini Jackie that could be held by hand and carried on the shoulder before, it has directly become a single shoulder crossbody bag.

The matching metal chain is exquisitely shiny on the back and body, especially eye-catching!


Don’t worry, mini Jackie Notte can still hold iPhone Pro Max and some small items~

It’s completely the fashionable and practical choice of small bags, and carrying them when going out on a regular basis can make people feel very tasteful~


Especially young girls, they can also bring it to parties or dinners~

Slightly dress up and then carry this bag, the Ankara red embellishment can become the focus of the outfit, high-end and eye-catching!


Besides Jackie, Gucci also has the Encore Red Bamboo 1947 which is very charming!

The rounded bag shape paired with a unique bamboo handle is elegant and luxurious to carry~

The deep and intense red color showcases the profound heritage of this bag for over 70 years.


Especially, the Ankara red is also paired with patent leather material on the bamboo joint bag.

Under the light, it will reflect a cool and bright color, which is refreshing and also gives the bag a youthful and avant-garde feeling while being classic!


As a super classic in Gucci and even the bag industry, it is estimated that many girls have been planting Bamboo1947 for a long time~

Actually, this brand new Ankara Red is a great choice!

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