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Alexander Wang’s “King” returns, Naomi Campbell whom he has never seen before

Louis Vuitton is delighted to launch a new travel advertising special titled “Boundless Mood”. Supermodel Sun Feifei appeared on camera, showcasing the Horizon suitcase series designed by Marc Newson.

Endless state of mind, describing the art of traveling. Supermodel Sun Feifei travels through charming scenery with the Horizon series suitcase, embarking on a natural journey under the snowy Alps. The classic Monogram pattern conveys the craftsman’s inner essence, reflects the charm of the journey, and depicts a relaxed state of mind.

As one of the recognized revolutionary industrial designers, Marc Newson has been reshaping travel art for Louis Vuitton since 2014. He teamed up with the brand to launch the first collaborative series “Salute Monogram”, presenting the “extraordinary fashion backpack” in bright and interesting colors. In 2016, the Horizon suitcase series, designed by Marc Newson, was officially launched and has now become a classic. With its exquisite design, durability, and excellent performance, it has become a milestone in the Louis Vuitton suitcase family. The lightweight shell is made of pressure molded mesh composite material, and the decoration is made of specially developed Monogram or Damier checkerboard canvas, paired with cowhide trim, paying tribute to the brand’s box making tradition. The external pull rod system is flexible and lightweight, and the compact silent pulley can achieve 360 ° rotation; The flat inner layer creates a spacious interior, maximizing packaging space. Afterwards, he designed and created multiple essential travel companions for Louis Vuitton, including: in 2019, the Horizon Soft suitcase was made of thermoformed knitted material, with a lightweight feel; In 2022, the P é gas suitcase combines an elegant appearance with a modern vibe.

Beautiful holiday season, Marimekko’s selected holiday collection. We sincerely invite everyone to wear bold prints and colors together, and share the joy of the holiday.

Since its inception, Marimekko has been committed to treating every day with care, seeking joy in the ordinary, and enjoying life in joy. Whether it’s decorating a Christmas tree with family, dressing up for a friend’s dinner, or just calming down to reminisce about the past year, there are always things worth celebrating. Marimekko has launched a limited clothing and furniture collection, inviting you to discover joyful clothing and home decor together in this joyful festival of artistic talent.

Palm Angels infused its unique creativity and new interpretation process into TOD’s TABS sneakers in the autumn and winter of 2023, presenting a brand new vitality beyond just classics. Inspired by the conical lines and tongue structure of the 1970s, this shoe has gained a unique novelty and lightness. The updated toe design showcases a more modern look, with a gold Palm Angels logo on the tongue and tail of the shoe. At the same time, the TOD’S brand logo can be seen on the lace loop and sole tail.

This collaboration series highlights its unique attributes with two major design elements: the palm tree pattern made of black or gold leather extends on both sides of the shoe, echoing the West Coast freedom spirit represented by Palm Angels; The legendary Gommino rubber beans of TOD’S have cleverly transformed from functional design into a finishing touch decoration, embellished like reliefs at the shoe tails, evoking the unique Italian charm of TOD’S.

Tiffany&Co. teamed up with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham to collaborate with the globally popular Pok é mon brand to launch the Tiffany&Arsham Studio&Pok é mon collaboration series. Daniel Arsham once held the “A Ripple in Time” art exhibition in Japan, which sparked contemplation on the passage of time through a series of Pok é mon artworks. This joint series draws inspiration from this exhibition and continues Daniel Arsham’s aesthetic philosophy of “Future Relics”, constructing contemporary objects into future imagination and presenting nine jewelry pieces including pendants and necklaces. These works revolve around six classic Pok é mon characters, showcasing not only the perfect combination of unique creativity and artistic design, but also the deep connection between the brand and contemporary art and classic pop culture.

In the joint collection of Tiffany&Arsham Studio&Pok é mon, the oxidized silver diamond style includes six popular Pok é mon, presenting pendant works with Pikachu, Little Fire Dragon, Johnny Turtle, Fatty Ding, Karakara, and Fantasy as the design focus. In addition, Tiffany designers have created a necklace made of oxidized silver material containing all six Pok é mon, embellished with dazzling Tiffany diamonds, presenting extremely high collectible value. In order to echo the iconic yellow color of Pikachu, this series has also launched an 18K gold studded Pikachu pendant, available in both large and small sizes. The packaging of this co branded series is also full of ingenuity. The oxidized silver material works are paired with the Tiffany&Arsham Studio&Pok é mon co branded series blue gift box, while the 18K gold Pikachu works are placed in Tiffany Blue (Tiffany Blue) ®) In the Pok é mon Pok é Ball gift box.

The Tiffany&Arsham Studio&Pok é mon co branded series will be available for sale in December this year at Tiffany’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, Tiffany’s Tokyo Episode Boutique, and Tiffany’s official websites in North America and Japan.

Since its inception in 2010, SHANG XIA has always established deep cooperation with contemporary Chinese artists, and under the guidance of Eastern cultural heritage, conveys the spirit of Chinese aesthetics through the artist’s unique perspective. This year, SHANG XIA collaborated with renowned artist Huang Yuxing to launch a new limited edition collection, incorporating the artist’s representative Eastern elements into the classic SHANG XIA home collection, creating abstract aesthetic effects and detailed visuals.


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