Dior 2024 Autumn Women’s Ready to Wear Collection – Salute to Metropolitan New York

The release of the new collection marks the arrival of the fashion season. For Maria Grazia CHIURI, the creative director of Dior’s women’s clothing, the autumn collection is a moment of reflection with special significance and an opportunity to once again explore and think. Every season, women’s wardrobes are revitalized by the unique structures, cuts, materials, and creativity of various works to meet the needs of all women. This season, Dior pays tribute to Metropolitan New York with a series of new works. At the end of the 19th century, France gifted the United States a statue representing freedom, which became a symbol of the extraordinary city of New York. Mr. CHRISTIAN DIOR tells the story of his journey back and forth between Paris and New York in his autobiography, opening a dialogue between the fashion house and the two fashion capitals; Maria Garcia Corey focuses on the landmark buildings of the two cities – the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower, creating large print patterns that are integrated into multiple designs.


MARLENE DIETRICH is a bridge connecting the cultures of New York and Paris. As an actress, she has a rebellious charm and maintains a close connection with Dior both in life and on the screen. Maria Garcia Cory was inspired by her to create a new series, blending Marina Dietrich’s versatile personality and spontaneous charm into the Dior silhouette. The coarse tweed material used in this series is sourced from selected British men’s clothing fabrics. Mr. Dior wrote in the “PET DICTIONNAIRE DE LA MODE”: “In recent years, the use of tweed has even expanded to formal wear. I think they are particularly elegant and a ‘must-have’ choice for rural style outfits. In the past, there were only heavyweight tweed fabrics on the market, but now they have various weights, qualities, and colors to choose from.” Marina Dietrich’s rugged suit design has caused controversy, as she insists that women have the right to choose their favorite clothing, whether it is a tie or a sleeveless vest, these iconic items can complement each other and complement each other. Xiangcheng. Jackets can also be freely styled with wide leg pants or knee length pencil skirts.


The gorgeous and lightweight dress reproduces the style of lingerie from the 1940s, becoming an important component of the design. The series of items will be reinterpreted with modern spirit in fabrics such as hammered satin, embossed velvet, and crepe. Several lace trimmed camisole dresses are made of stitched nylon fabric adorned with rattan patterns, appearing and disappearing under the loose lining of the coat. Embroidery adorns clothing like a brooch, echoing the classic elements cherished by brand founder Mr. Dior: lucky stars, lilies of the valley, clovers, and bees. The lace collar adopts a structural inlay technique. Knitted items bring together ingenuity and creativity, shaping multiple styles.


The Dior 2024 autumn ready to wear collection was grandly unveiled on April 15, 2024 in New York, USA. The new series pays tribute to cultural integration with rich ingenuity. This is a dialogue about freedom, showcasing vivid, three-dimensional, and highly meaningful images of diverse women.

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