The “most speechless” single product in history has appeared, the Balenciaga family is so crazy!

I don’t know through which channels people usually come into contact with luxury goods?

To be honest, the editor’s actual contact in the true sense is actually zero experience, and the most recent contribution to luxury goods was probably made by Fendi, a collaborator of HEYTEA, last year.

Although we are not the target users of luxury brands that often spend tens of thousands of yuan, this does not affect our enthusiastic discussion of the various bizarre items they launch.

Especially those fashionable items that connect to the ground, they give people a feeling that I wouldn’t buy them because I already have them.

Just take a look at the tape shaped bracelet called “Gaffer Bangle” that made a dazzling debut during Paris Fashion Week by the Parisian family recently.

Saying it’s a bracelet feels like it insults the wearer’s intelligence. Isn’t this a “toy” that children only wear when they’re having fun; Saying it’s tape, looking at the price, it feels like the two or three yuan per roll of tape has been offended. Everyone is also using adhesive tape, and this “b tape” (with the BALENCIAGA brand logo) is also so great to hold, it even costs 23600 yuan.

That’s right, according to a blogger, the price of this “innovative product” from Balenciaga is 3000 euros, equivalent to 23600 yuan.

Even more ridiculous is that the inspiration for reporting this product came from transparent tape sold in local hardware or office supplies stores. The pragmatic aesthetics were understood by the Balenciaga family.

Netizens who are on the forefront of the trend choose to follow up as soon as possible, and it is a matter of minutes for them to get the same style of tape bracelet from Parisian family in full.

It’s not that the Balenciaga family can’t afford it, but that the SF brand is more cost-effective.

Luxury goods do not harm the poor, and there are ready-made items around. If you don’t buy them, you can save more than 20000 yuan.

If luxury designers are all developing products with this mindset, it would be too easy to recruit designers for the position. Such “talents” are randomly grabbed on the main road. If measured by piece, they can generate thousands or even hundreds of innovative ideas every day.

At this level, the position of designer at the Balenciaga family can be described as the “easiest job in history”.

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