Some people watch “lively”, only then do some people watch “doorways”

On the evening of May 30th, Shanghai may book the most impressive night in the fashion industry this year. Celebrities from both domestic and international entertainment, authoritative media, KOLs, and other sources gathered together for the fashion industry’s grand event of BALENCIAGA’s debut in China and even in Asia.


Choosing to hold a big show in Shanghai itself is a sufficient level of gimmick. The large number of “Ba family” crowds gathered inside and outside the Pudong Art Museum also brought enough shock to the topic. In such a top-level atmosphere, the various abstract and lively items of the BALENCIAGA Spring 25 series have finally pushed the “liveliness” of this big show to the highest point.


Starting from the invitation letter, BALENCIAGA, who adheres to the principle of “doing as the Romans do in Rome”, has already started to “work hard”. The invitation letter featuring Shanghai’s famous Nanxiang Xiaolong and the accompanying BALENCIAGA logo Dingsheng Cake showcase a unique and playful atmosphere.


On the runway, even before the show, Demna was the first to debut 16 cm thick Platform shoes, Giant Boot stilt boots, as well as BALENCIAGA shoe box style handbags, trench coats, down jacket style shoulder bags and other single items. From multiple dimensions such as gimmicks and parody, Demna demonstrated no weirdest, only weirder “abstract work” skills.


In addition to original works, the creative design ideas of Qiqu Brain, which collaborates with other brands, have not been absent this season, and even the capricious and unconventional art style has become increasingly upgraded.


The old Chinese saying “outsiders watch the excitement, insiders watch the door” seems to have been understood by Demna and BALENCIAGA; After the various abstract and eye-catching single items that catch people’s attention at first glance, the works that truly allow people to calm down and appreciate and experience the high-end fashion genes are also here as promised.

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