The top ranked member of the Balenciaga family has returned! Kanye put on his socks and shoes, and my brother spent money again~

Recently, Kanye from All White Look made a low-key appearance at his son’s Saint West competition, which was also one of the few appearances he made after being briefly removed from the internet due to his fans’ bad breath.


Kanye wore a white hoodie and pants this time, but surprisingly, she wore white socks and shoes from the Balenciaga family. The top scorer of the Balenciaga family still couldn’t resist consuming their own competitors.


The Parisian sock shoes, which made their debut at the 24 autumn/winter fashion show, adopt the same design concept as Yeezy Pods, basically adding a complete sole.


The selling price is $1000, which is 50 times higher than the $20 sale price on Yeezy’s official website. It is recommended that Kanye launch a white version here, so there is no need to spend this money in vain


When Kanye left on the same day, he sat on a Tesla Cyber pickup truck and gracefully left the field.


Kanye suffered a cyberbullying and had no choice but to withdraw from the internet after announcing the launch of “Yeezy Porn” earlier. After a beating incident with his wife Bianca while traveling to Disney, Kanye hardly went out on the same page and took refuge.

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