People are still more accustomed to the abstract BALENCIAGA

Before discussing the new season, let’s briefly recall how BALENCIAGA was labeled as “abstract” and “whole job” today. Perhaps many people cannot remember exactly when BALENCIAGA became what it is now, but its various thought-provoking products should still be remembered by many people, and even become accustomed to them.


The giant “Bigfoot Monster” shoes Cargo and 10XL are only works of the 2024 season, while strange items such as Mickey boots, garbage bags, and potato chip bags that make people break their glasses are actually products from nearly 2 years ago.


BALENCIAGA’s “abstract” works are certainly far more than that, and there is no need to elaborate on them. Over time, aesthetic education has transformed people’s questioning of this “whole job” style fashion frenzy into a habit. Therefore, BALENCIAGA’s brief silence and restraint after experiencing controversial events actually made many people exclaim somewhat mediocre. It seems that BALENCIAGA, who has always loved to “do the whole job”, is once again beginning to unleash their imagination and creativity on this path.


But the so-called habits are only people’s self adaptation after being long-term impacted by mainstream trends. After years of abstract aesthetics, the contemplation of the intentions behind this unconventional design style is inevitable. What are we actually looking at when we are watching BALENCIAGA’s “whole job”? What does Demna want us to see again? The answer to this question began to become clear in Shanghai in May this year.

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