Balenciaga Ugly Design!

On the ugly road, only the next quarter’s Balenciaga can surpass the Balenciaga.
A onion ring scarf, priced at 17600, is designed to not look like a human on Earth.

Looking at the keychain hair ring design priced at 4000 yuan, even if we bring Liu Wen’s supermodel over, we can’t see how beautiful the hair ring is. The picture is

There is also a towel skirt priced at 6700 yuan, which is no different from a regular bath towel priced at 15 yuan. Sure enough, luxury goods do not deceive the poor, they only serve to blame the wealthy for distributing goods.

In summary, luxury brands have always been a barometer of the fashion industry, and at certain times, they may also encounter a situation of “capsizing”. This may be because the design is too avant-garde and goes beyond the scope of public aesthetics. Will you buy these expensive and ugly luxury goods?

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