BALENCIAGA, obsessed with “abstract work”

The most frequently heard voices are nothing more than “aesthetic fatigue” and “sensationalism”; But the restrained and quiet BALENCIAGA did not receive piles of praise and praise as expected. In this self contradiction, it is still difficult to establish a sufficiently unified and convincing tone and conclusion. By comparison, perhaps the former can at least continue to spark a big buzz in the fashion industry for BALENCIAGA. In this era where “traffic is king”, there must be “excitement” to watch before anyone can be willing to watch “tricks”.

The so-called “abstract whole job” has become the most prominent label of BALENCIAGA today, which is indeed created by Demna and the brand themselves. You may not like or approve it, but you cannot deny that if it weren’t for this seemingly unconventional approach, BALENCIAGA wouldn’t have had the high level of attention it has today. The design heritage that brands once valued as treasures would not have been seen and loved by so many non industry professionals and the general public.


Perhaps these labels may be difficult to completely tear off in the short term, but creating a larger stage to showcase one’s aesthetic soul and fashion archive heritage while maximizing viral exposure and dissemination is not an easy task for any brand or creative leader. Before a better way can be explored, BALENCIAGA’s “abstract whole work” may still need to continue.

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