Shen Mengchen carried Herm è s to watch Jay Chou’s concert, while Du Haitao cried and laughed. He was too excited to see his idol

Jay Chou’s concerts always attract many artists from the industry to attend, after all, he is a generation of pop king. Even among his peers, there are many celebrities who are loyal fans of Jay Chou. Recently, at the Changsha concert, Wang Junkai was invited as a guest, and the combination of new and old traffic became the focus.

Not only were the performing guests on stage popular, but the audience below was also lively. The audience at the scene captured the figures of Shen Mengchen and her husband Du Haitao. The woman waved confidently and greeted her. Du Haitao, who was originally wearing a mask, responded with a friendly expression from fans. They were quite popular, and the man was much more easygoing than before. The outside world is always worried about their emotional state. In fact, Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao have been very stable in the past two years. Although they rarely publicly show their affection, they are inseparable when going out for fun or gatherings.

Halfway through, Shen Mengchen took a photo of Jay Chou with his phone, but when he turned around, he found his husband wiping his tears beside him. Du Haitao was too excited to see his idol, crying and laughing. He wiped his tears with a tissue in his hand, but the corners of his mouth were smiling. It is rare for a young man to have such delicate emotions, but Du Haitao’s true feelings are revealed. Listening to Jay Chou’s singing, he felt more deeply than Shen Mengchen.

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