HERM È S | Source of strength eau de toilette of Terre d’Herm è s

TERRE D’HERM È S is a fragrance that connects people and their origins, connecting men and their sources of creativity.


TERRE D’HERM É S, born in 2006, was meticulously crafted by JEAN CLAUDE ELLENA, leading men to trace their origins and rediscover their source of power. Herm è s Land symbolizes the close bond between humans and the earth, reflecting people’s respect and harmonious communication towards nature and cosmic elements.


Since 2016, Herm è s exclusive perfumer CHRISTINE NAGEL has cast his unique vision on the earth, exploring the new potential of this series.


Herm è s exudes a mineral and woody fragrance, blending refreshing and uplifting cedar with vibrant grapefruit, complemented by a lively flint aroma.


The perfume bottle has a firm outline and stands firmly on the H-shaped orange base, as if to print footprints into the earth. The metal coating on the bottle shoulder reflects the flow of light and shadow, which sets off the clarity of perfume liquid.


The TERRE D’HERM È S series tells the story of the connection between humans and the earth, witnessing a humble and harmonious dialogue between humans and nature, as well as all things.

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