Scarcity Strategy: Manufacturers of High end Consumer Desires

Herm è s‘ distribution rules can be said to be well-known to everyone. If you want to buy your favorite bag, you must first buy other products honestly. This bundled sales method may make consumers feel helpless, but they are willing to pay for it. The reason behind it is Herm è s’s carefully designed scarcity strategy.


Products like platinum bags have limited production capacity, and even if you have money, you may not be able to buy them. Salespeople will decide whether to recommend rare styles based on the customer’s purchase history. This process not only increases the difficulty of purchasing, but also greatly enhances the value of the bag. In order to obtain this “admission ticket”, consumers can only continue to consume, which has helped Herm è s sales climb step by step.


This strategy not only improves sales performance, but also effectively maintains the scarcity of the brand. Rare things are precious. Herm è s continuously strengthens its position in the minds of consumers and creates a desire for high-end consumption through this approach. The unique scarcity has enabled Herm è s to maintain a leading position in the luxury goods market, becoming a symbol that everyone dreams of.

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