Design explosion! Does the Balenciaga family produce loser underwear? Netizen: Drifting in the wind!

Without further ado, just take a picture


You’re not mistaken, it’s just these horse hair underwear. Men’s triangle underwear paired with long horse hair, like willow catkins floating in the wind in the lake, gives a sense of head-on impact.


In fact, the design of this new horse hair underwear was created by the designer netizen @ RUANGUANXIONG, with the original intention of innovating according to the consistent style of the Parisian family, and the logo on the underwear is printed with the designer’s name.


This new design has completely overturned people’s traditional perception of the brand. Some netizens commented that these are “loser’s underwear,” “Diao Ding,” “Superman’s underwear,” “inspired by Teacher Yu Qian’s Diao leather underwear,” and so on


But this underwear actually reminds people of Miu Miu’s 2023 autumn/winter collection of diamond underwear worth 40000 yuan. It is said to be embroidered silk and wool shorts, with about 60 artificial crystals in each pair of underwear.


Due to the same bizarre design, it has recently become popular and has been worn by many celebrity models.


But if it were an ordinary person, who would wear a pair of shimmering underwear or flowing hair to go out on the street

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