Dior’s newly launched Dior Chrono sports shoes integrate brand style with running aesthetics

Dior Chrono, created by Maria Grazia Chiuri, interprets the design of running shoes from a new perspective and incorporates the brand’s high-end customization elements. This sporty shoe made its debut in the brand’s autumn 2024 collection, combining sports mesh with a shiny leather effect panel and paired with a lightweight sole. The classic CD initials on the side of the shoe and a star shaped patch on the tongue are a major highlight of the brand.

Some styles are available in nude, white, black, silver, or gold. The dual color shoelaces integrate the overall design from the literal and symbolic meanings.

This new shoe continues the style of Dior’s B9S skateboard shoe and last summer’s B33 shoe. A major highlight of these shoes designed by Dior Men’s Creative Director Kim Jones is the use of the fashion company’s exclusive NFC technology. This special technology allows access to “digital product passports” that provide identity verification certificates through private platforms.

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