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Heavyweight: “Dior x Stone Island” Joint Program Exposed, with Release Guide and Single Item List Attached

No surprise, this should be a super high priced joint series with Dior price and Stone Island price.


This time, I probably didn’t understand why Brother asked such a question: “Is this joint venture selling at Dior’s price or at Stone Island’s price?”. Because this answer is not important


I have to say, Dior and Stone Island’s official communication power is really poor. Such a big news was actually announced at 10am yesterday, but the official exposure was pitifully low, and the influence of cooperative media in the industry was very small

Relying solely on rare players to help forward love messages.


The joint full series is expected to debut on June 15th (some flagship stores+online), and will only be released globally on July 4th.


The current Director of Dior Men’s Wear LVMH’s working emperor, Kim Jones, also joined the so-called Stone Island community and, like Jason Stanson, took a big picture to announce the joint project.


Meanwhile, the vast majority of catalogs and single item lists have also been extensively exposed in advance.

In addition to the catalog, the single item list has also been leaked. In this series, Dior’s classic luxurious stacking materials, combined with Stone Island’s iconic ready to wear dyeing technology, run through the entire collection.

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