Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel

After Chanel’s death,
The brand is taken over by a series of designers,
Until 1983,
The addition of Karl Lagerfeld,
Everyone calls him “Old Buddha”,
Chanel has just ushered in a new era of glory.

When Old Buddha took over Chanel,
The whole brand has been diluted to rely only on perfume
Old brands of cosmetics and old hats that survive.
Karl’s innovative design
And respect for Chanel’s tradition,
Reshaped the brand image,
Make it the 21st century
One of the most influential and prosperous luxury brands.

Today, Chanel still maintains
Its traditional delicacy and classics,
But also constantly innovating,
Keep up with the times.
The brand continues Chanel’s design philosophy,
Many amazing new series have been launched,
Covering fashion, accessories, perfume
Multiple fields such as cosmetics.
Its fashion shows and advertising campaigns are also highly anticipated,
Becoming one of the benchmarks in the fashion industry.

Chanel, as a leading brand in the fashion industry,
Not just a luxury brand,
It is also a cultural symbol and a symbol of fashion spirit.
Its history is full of legends and charm,
Whether it’s Chanel’s entrepreneurial story,
Or is it the development of the brand in modern times,
They all demonstrate their immortal charm and influence.
Chanel’s story always inspires
People pursue the concept of elegance, simplicity, and quality of life.
Her name has also become an eternal symbol of fashion.

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