In August 1883,

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel

(Gabriel Chanel)

Born in France.

Chanel’s childhood was unfortunate,

She was born into a poor family,

He is the youngest of five children.

My father is a traveling businessman,

The family lives a turbulent life all year round,

When Chanel was six years old,

My mother passed away due to tuberculosis,

Later, his father sent him to Aubazine Monastery

In an orphanage,

I never saw you again.

When Chanel reached adulthood at the age of 18,

Leaving the monastery,

Having worked as a textile worker,

I have also sold singing in a concert hall.


When Chanel was 20 years old,

I met Etienne Balsan, a wealthy son of a wealthy family,

And became his mistress,

Moved into his castle.

With funding from Etienne Balsan,

In 1910, Chanel was in Paris, France

I opened a shop,

Specializing in selling self designed hats.

Due to Chanel’s understanding of fashion

Having a very high talent,

And adept at drawing inspiration from life,

With exquisite craftsmanship,

Quickly favored by wealthy women.

The first fashion boutique was opened in 1913,

During World War I,

Successfully tied up the colorful women’s clothing at that time,

Promote free, minimalist, and comfortable design.

During this period,

She also launched the iconic perfume Chanel No. 5,

This has become one of the brand’s symbols.


Chanel’s Classic Design
It reached its peak in the 1920s and 1930s.
She has led the trend of women’s fashion,
She advocates for simple, comfortable, and practical clothing,
Simultaneously incorporating elements of male clothing,
Such as double breasted, tie, and loose cut.
She has created countless classic styles,
Including a small black dress, pearl necklace, polo suit, etc,
These designs still influence the fashion industry today.
During World War II,
Chanel’s development has been challenged,
But with the post-war economic recovery,
The brand has regained vitality.
In 1954,
Chanel has launched her iconic design package,
2.55 handbag,
This became one of Chanel’s representatives.

Chanel passed away in 1971,
The brand is in a predicament.

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