Chanel, new inspiration inspired by high-end custom-made clothing

“Watch House 2024 Geneva Watch Exhibition” LA MODE SE DMODE, LE STYLE JAMAIS “- For CHANEL Chanel, fashion may be ever-changing, but one core that will never change at all is the Chanel lady and her extraordinary creativity.

In the relatively small and professional field of clocks and watches, it is often difficult for newcomers to attract too much attention. However, people now suddenly realize that since Chanel began to enter the watch industry on a large scale in the 1980s, it has increasingly become a trendsetter, not only fashionable but also professional. In 2024, Chanel launched a brand new COUTURE O’CLOCK limited edition collection, making clocks full of vitality, humor, and fun.

New starting point

The cornerstone of strength

The reason why professionals who have never paid much attention to the clock works of top fashion brands now have to study Chanel is that its professionalism is comparable to that of industry watchmakers, and it also has an extremely distinctive personality in design and workmanship.

In 2024, Chanel launched the new J12 COUTURE WORKS SHOP AUTOMATON CALIBER 6 watch, full of Chanel elements. The watch is equipped with Chanel’s new Caliber 6 manual winding movement, designed and manufactured by Chanel Watch Factory in Switzerland. The new Caliber 6 movement has up to 355 components and is carefully arranged in a 5-layer structure. Equipped with 72 hour power storage.

Gently touching the 8-point button, the image of Ms. Chanel comes to life. It turns out that this is an extremely complex moving doll watch! The dial follows the rhythm of the Chanel haute couture workshop: the Chanel lady doll wearing the watch, the scissors in her hand, and the haute couture bust, with many vivid details emitting a charming light against the shining diamonds.

The all-new MUSICAL CLOCK COUTURE WORKS clock has surprised industry insiders even more: Zhong Shengdong recreates the lively atmosphere of the high-end custom clothing workshop on Kangpeng Street. Several half figures dance gracefully to Al Bowlly’s song “My Woman,” which is also a favorite melody of Ms. Chanel, who often hums this song. The miniature chandelier decorated with diamonds, the base inspired by the diamond pattern upholstered sofa and decorated with yellow K gold, all remind people of the residence of Gabriel Chanel.

This unique piece is designed with a tape measure to depict the time scale, and comes with a long yellow K gold diamond necklace for hanging the chain key. It is a music box, a clock, and also a movable puppet device, embodying exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite beauty.

Through its gorgeous and dazzling appearance, industry experts are more accustomed to deeply analyzing the new models presented to people from the inside out. In recent years, Chanel’s accumulation in technology has made it increasingly a true senior watchmaker.

For example, as early as 2019, with the birth of the all-new Chanel J12 watch, the brand also launched the Caliber 12.1 automatic winding movement, created by Kenisi, which was a crucial step for Chanel to move towards professional watchmaking. In 2023, Chanel’s J12 CALIBER 12.1 watch features yellow 18K gold embellishments for the first time, crafted with black or white precision ceramics. The brand also features diamond embellishments on the bezel, while the Caliber 12.1 automatic winding mechanical movement is gold-plated on the pendulum for the first time.

In 2022, Chanel launched its first J12 33mm watch with an automatic winding movement called Caliber12.2, which is considered another true technological innovation for the brand and showcases Chanel’s latest achievements in watchmaking technology. This watch was designed by Arnaud Chastaingt, the creative director of Chanel Watch Studio, in Paris and manufactured and assembled by watchmakers at Chanel Watch Factory. The most special feature of it is that the Caliber 12.2 automatic winding mechanical movement it is equipped with is assembled by the Swiss advanced watchmaking factory Kenisi, which is owned by the company. This not only greatly improves its quality, but also provides a good foundation for expanding its functions in the future.

In 2022, Chanel also launched the new J12 series DIAMOND TOURBILLON watch, paired with the first brand made floating tourbillon movement, Caliber 5. It was designed by Arnaud Chastaingt, the creative director of the brand’s watch studio, in Paris and developed and assembled at Chanel’s watchmaking factory in La Chardonnay, Switzerland. The unobstructed movement is adorned with a lion pattern, which is the mark of Chanel’s high-end watchmaking homemade movement. The center of the floating tourbillon frame is adorned with a diamond, which rotates with the second hand, creating a calm rhythm. By paying tribute to Ms. Chanel with iconic elements such as lions and diamonds, it also showcases her unique aesthetic style.

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