New elements Leading the trend with creativity

As the only collection strictly designed for men by the brand, Chanel’s Monsieur watch is equipped with a Caliber 1 movement specially designed and produced by Chanel Watch Factory for this series: a 6-hour window display, with a small second hand constantly moving, and a fan-shaped minute display that flies back every 60 minutes to start walking. The streamlined design of the black SUPERLEGGERA EDITION watch reminds people of high-tech racing cars and exudes a futuristic feel.

It is precisely because of the continuous release of amazing works that require collaboration from numerous mechanical, craft, and design masters, from the most basic internal movements, that the Chanel brand has established a solid position as an expert in watchmaking, making more and more people fall in love with Chanel watches.

New elements

Leading the trend with creativity

As a top tier brand in the fashion industry, drawing inspiration from the visual aesthetics of Chanel’s women’s haute couture workshops, the clothing tools and skills used by tailors, and their application to watchmaking is a natural thing – common tools such as thimbles, scissors, and pins used in the Kangpeng Street haute couture workshops are cleverly combined with watchmaking, jewelry, and ultimate craftsmanship, transforming into extraordinary clock works.

The brand new MADEMOISELLE J12 COUTURE watch dial features a Chanel lady dressed in a black suit with white piping, and the black painted rotating dial is adorned with a fashion print pattern outlined in gold powder. Especially special, after being modified by brand experts, driven by the Caliber 12.1 movement, the dial rotates every 5 minutes, displaying dynamic colors and unique wit.

To make it simpler and purer, the J12 WHITE STAR COUTURE watch, also driven by the Caliber 12.1 movement, is actually a watch case made of black coated precision steel, and its dial is made of white long step trapezoidal ring pattern precision ceramic, with a clear black and white contrast. The case and strap of this watch are adorned with a large amount of diamonds as dazzling decorations, while also showcasing its outstanding craftsmanship – the difficulty of setting diamonds on hard precision steel is actually much higher than setting diamond jewelry on gold – a total of about 215 long stepped cut diamonds (about 11.09 carats) and 35 bright cut diamonds (about 0.42 carats), creating a brilliant galaxy like atmosphere against a faint black background.

The sapphire crystal bottom cover allows you to admire the brand’s proud Caliber 12.1 homemade movement, which has COSC certification and runs exceptionally accurately. The decoration is particularly gorgeous: black coating treatment, black pendant set with 34 bright cut diamonds (about 0.26 carats). Engraved with the words “LIMITED TO 12”, it indicates that it is a rare work with a limited edition of only 12 pieces, which is particularly favored by collectors.

For those who love black ceramics, there is also a brand new limited edition J12 COUTURE 38mm watch available. The classic design that appears to be no different from the ordinary J12 automatic on chain watch is actually full of a unique style of clothing design. Its black painted dial is adorned with a gold high-end custom theme pattern, embellished with a tape measure pattern border. Scissors and sewing needle shaped pointers. The unidirectional rotating bezel presents a golden tape measure pattern, cleverly blending with the dial.

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