new trend Many classics beyond J12

Some female buyers who feel a bit oversized with a diameter of 38 millimeters can actually choose a pure “women’s” watch with a diameter of 33 millimeters – the new J12 COUTURE 33MM watch. The case of this watch is made of white precision ceramic and stainless steel materials, decorated with black outlines, and the corresponding white dial is also decorated with black sewing style patterns for beautification, with a particularly striking black and white contrast effect. The bezel is set with long stepped cut diamonds, decorated with patterns from the high-end custom-made clothing workshop on the streets of Compon in Paris: checkered patterned paper, sewing needles, scissors, and measuring tape, or simply decorated with black measuring tape patterns. Similarly, the playful design of the time minute second pointer for scissors and sewing needles. It not only highlights the origin of the brand, but also adds vitality and passion to the hands that follow the routine.

Upon careful observation, there are actually two different configurations for this watch. The style decorated with diamonds is equipped with a Caliber 12.2 automatic mechanical movement, with a limited production of 55 pieces, which is more luxurious. The other model is equipped with an electronic quartz movement, which is also limited edition but leans towards sportiness. In short, people with different tastes can take what they need.

For those who particularly favor Chanel’s modern style J12 series, one of the most captivating charms of this classic series is the ever-changing style, and even the same watch can present different effects on different people’s wrists. Especially the limited edition, which the brand has put in more effort to design and produce, allows people to break through simple practicality or aesthetics and comfort, and rise to a new height of more sensitive understanding of Chanel style aesthetics.

new trend

Many classics beyond J12

As early as the end of the last century, a series of “idol level” Chanel watches had become a common topic in the fashion and watch industries. In a series of limited edition works released by Chanel this year, its brand fans have a more personalized and rare choice.

Many veteran Chanel watch enthusiasts prefer the early release of the square case PREMI È RE series, which truly embodies the French elegance and blend harmoniously with Chanel bags and fashion.

The PREMI È RE RUBAN COUTURE watch features an 18K gold case and a titanium bottom cover, making it practical and aesthetically pleasing. The highly acclaimed double wrap black and gold leather strap is printed with a tape measure pattern, and the handle is adorned with a Chanel lady portrait pendant made of yellow gold, black paint, and diamonds, making it feel like the “most eye-catching” visual center of the entire set, handbag, and various colored jewelry.

The PREMI È RE CHARMS COUTURE watch showcases Chanel women’s time from another perspective: The PREMI È RE bracelet style watch is adorned with stainless steel wire barrels, thimbles, and Chanel women’s pendants plated with yellow gold and black paint, attached to the brand’s classic handbag chain on a leather strap, making time display effortless and without any pressure.

The brand new BOY · FRIEND COUTURE watch features a square case that is equally calm yet gentle. The dial is set with 8 button shaped diamonds and adorned with silver braids, showcasing the brand’s iconic diagonal soft woolen jacket pattern. The watch bezel is adorned with yellow 18K gold chains, reminiscent of the chains sewn by Chanel’s haute couture workshop on the hem of the jacket, which are relatively elegant and understated.

The all-new CODE COCO COUTURE watch features black and gold leather straps, adorned with a top pin, thread barrel, and scissor pattern. Two black painted dials, one set with princess cut diamonds (weighing approximately 0.10 carats), shining and eye-catching, and the other with a time division dial. The wearer not only glances at time, but also admires a stunning and exquisite piece of jewelry.

But still prefer the traditional mainstream round case?

The latest MADEMOISELLE PRIV É PINCUSHION watch series is a masterpiece of the brand’s watch creative studio that transforms ordinary into extraordinary. It is inspired by the needle inserts used by tailors, with a dome like crystal mirror and a 55mm oversized case. The diamond patterned dial is covered with gold thread and “needle eyes” composed of pearls and diamonds, paired with a black coated titanium metal handcuffed bracelet and watch chain, giving it a luxurious needle insertion feeling. There are also long necklaces and ring designs with the same style, allowing this “tailoring style” to be maximized.

The tailors at Kangpeng Street’s high-end custom clothing workshop have brought inspiration to the brand far beyond this. The BOBINE COUTURE handcuffed bracelet watch is inspired by the thread tube, and the diamonds set on the dial are hidden beneath the emerald cut yellow sapphire. On the handcuffed bracelet made of 18K gold, it is adorned with interlocking lines full of diamonds, creating a strong visual impact. The emerald cut bright yellow sapphire (about 17.73 carats) stands out against the backdrop of diamonds.

The design inspiration for the THINBLE COUTURE long necklace timepiece comes from another sewing tool – the top needle. On the 18K gold pin design decoration, there is a large snowflake style inlaid diamond decoration, and the dial, which is also inlaid with diamonds, is cleverly hidden under the pin design. The design of the SAFE PIN COUTURE long necklace timepiece is inspired by a safety pin, with snowflake style diamonds set on top of 18K gold. The dial is also decorated with diamonds, placed in the groove of the safety pin.

Even more witty and playful is the MADEMOISELLE PRIV É BOUTON GABRIELLE watch, which is transformed into a button with a diameter of 29 millimeters. The Chanel women’s silhouette relief made of 18K gold and onyx on the black paint surface cleverly covers the dial, making the luxurious time full of Chanel women’s atmosphere.

Ms. Chanel’s rich heritage in the fashion industry in the last century has provided a continuous source of inspiration for modern designers. The visual aesthetics of the high-end custom clothing workshop, the clothing tools and skills used by tailors, and the commonly used tools such as thimbles, scissors, and pins in the Kangpeng Street high-end custom clothing workshop may be just a medium, triggering people to return their thoughts to the “CHANEL era” of freedom and fashion, and cleverly combining them with watchmaking, jewelry, and ultimate exquisite craftsmanship, transforming them into extraordinary clock works.

Perhaps many years later, looking back at today, people will discover more classics and heritage in the stunning past

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