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Finally, there’s a TV show about the love and hate between Dior and Chanel! Apple TV recently updated “The New Look,” a 1940s series set in The Christian Dior of The New Look by Christian Dior. It is said to be an interpretation of real events in history. We are going to tell you about the events and people involved in this new n TV series.

It tells the story of how Mr. Dior returned to Paris, then under Nazi rule, to study at Lucien Lelong’s studio. And then created their own fashion brand, which is a series of stories. There will also be young designers of the time such as Pierre Balmain, YSL, Pierre Cardin (no, Pierre Cardin is not a Wenzhou brand) . The stories of these people, we’ll tell them later in the program as the story plays out。

Another important character on the show is Coco Chanel, played by Juliette Binoche. In fact, she was not a contemporary of Dior. She was well-known before The war, and by The time Dior founded The New Look in 1947, she had retired from The war. The 1920s, women’s trousers have been a fashion statement for women throughout Chanel’s life. She emphasized the comfort, ease and freedom of movement of women’s clothing. That’s why, when Christian Dior swept the fashion world in 1947 with his New Look collection, Christian Dior tight waists, corsets, voluptuous skirts and prominent bras made a comeback, the 71-year-old Chanel has decided to make a comeback.

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