Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

Alexandre Wang Alexander Wang is the youngest and most sought-after Chinese designer in New York fashion. His designs, women’s wear and accessories have been highly sought after by the fashion industry, and have not only sold well, but have also been recognized by the CFDA, which has won numerous fashion industry awards.

Alexandre Wang founded his designer eponymous label in 2004 and held a successful ready-to-wear event in spring and summer 2005.

The attention to detail is a feature of Alexander Wang’s creative designs. The edge of clothing processing, sling processing, etc. can reflect the pursuit of details.

Alexandre Wang also aspires to the free and uninhibited spirit of design. The creative inspiration for this free spirit came from the east side of New York.

He liked the bohemian lifestyle and aloof attitude of the skateboarders there. From them, he found a lot of free spirit and into his own design works.

Alexandre Wang’s quest for freedom has been accompanied by a disdain for luxury. This can be felt in his designs, whether in women’s or men’s clothing. As a result, Alexandre Wang’s designs have been embraced by a wide range of young fashion groups.

In addition to designing for young people, Alexandre Wang designs for fashion vips and celebrities such as pop idols Rachel Bilson, Victoria Traina, Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Ashlee Simpson and others, are very fond of his clothes.

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