BVLGARI BEYOND TIME | 2024 Geneva Spring Watch Release

Just like the colorful visual presented in BVLGARI’s watch brand book Beyond Time, BVLGARI’s watch world is like a colorful kaleidoscope, integrating diverse themes and inspirational imagination. The traditional aesthetics of Rome, the soul of jewelers, and the spirit of exploration are intertwined to form a unique and passionate BVLGARI watch creation journey. The “pointer” of the story spans the past, present, and future of BVLGARI watches, combining Italian design aesthetics with Swiss watchmaking knowledge, becoming a watchmaking process that transforms emotions into creativity and intuition into creative motivation.


With the appearance of the thinnest shock-absorbing and anti magnetic mechanical watch in history, it emerged with a thickness even thinner than a single coin, setting a new standard for high-end watchmaking. Thanks to its bold spirit of innovation and relentless pursuit of breaking boundaries, BVLGARI has successfully achieved extraordinary success, setting a benchmark of 1.70mm.


In terms of overall structure, the watch uses the main clamp as the back and is equipped with 170 parts of the BVL180 manual winding movement. All parts are carefully selected from an optical measurement system of one tenth of a micrometer to ensure that the size of the parts meets perfect requirements, surpassing the limitations and frameworks of traditional production technology and demonstrating the ultimate pursuit of accuracy. This COSC Swiss Observatory certified movement embodies a higher level of complexity and precision, making it the first in the Ultra series.

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