Latest quotation from BVLGARI Korean duty-free store after price increase in April

In 1884, the talented Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari founded BVLGARI in Rome. With exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious and magnificent jewelry, the brand quickly gained fame in Italy. For decades, the BVLGARI generation has paid tribute to the brand’s profound Roman roots with bright and rich color combinations, exquisite and balanced exterior designs, and precise and rigorous pattern combinations, condensing its iconic and unique style. BVLGARI not only emphasizes the inheritance and inheritance of cultural traditions, but innovation has also become a decisive force for the brand’s continuous development and keeping up with the times. BVLGARI reinterprets jewelry design with an innovative attitude, leading a new fashion trend and achieving a model of modern design.

The high-end jewelry works of the early 1920s still reflect a strong design philosophy of French traditional academies, combining platinum, diamonds, and geometric style decorative art design. Starting from the 1940s, the true BVLGARI Italian style began to sprout, combining dazzling gold with Serpenti’s elegant and winding jewelry pieces.

During the flourishing period of “Dolce Vita”, the brand boutique on Condotti Avenue became a popular gathering place for movie stars and social celebrities, and the brand’s international reputation expanded accordingly. With the help of a wave of development trends, the brand began expanding its business in Europe and the United States in the early 1970s. The third generation of the BVLGARI family has injected unique innovative elements into the brand, constantly drawing inspiration from various sources from Far Eastern art to pop art, catering to the vibrant aesthetic taste of modern women. The BVLGARI watch, with its avant-garde design philosophy, immediately became an innovative classic upon its release.

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