21st-century jewelry Bulgari

The new millennium saw a radical change in Bulgari jewellery design.

The unique creation of the brand becomes more flat, the return of platinum and platinum and the popularity of chrome metal become the new style trend.

The first of these new features was the Lucea series, launched in 2001, which combines small square and circular elements into a highly flexible articulated precious”Textile work”.

Still, Bulgari jewelry remains true to its heritage: Egg-cut, gold, low-key, practical gems, preferred sapphires, and a variety of transparent and opaque stones for casual use.

How did a Bulgari Gem come to be?

The jewelry material will determine the thinking

The design phase is a formative process of putting ideas into practice, where ideas are sketched out, and then the final draft is settled on to solve various real-world possibilities. This process is basically a long, designers will spend months to determine the basis, that is, can achieve a variety of techniques, cutting, fancy basis.

A few designers start with the general idea of the most important gemstone, and think about it with other supporting jewelry applications. They think in several directions, then decide on a few realizable solutions, evaluate them in depth, and finally reach a consensus, recommend One Direction.

Learn from the material itself

Bulgari jewelry designers often draw inspiration from the materials themselves, whether they are rare gems that are unique in the world, or other materials that are used as accessories, or if they are more unique, it will be easier to make an impact in the early stages of design.

Precious metals and coloured gemstones

Bulgari was one of the first jewellers to combine rare colored gems of striking colors, choosing gems not only based on their intrinsic value, but also on the artistic potential to inspire at a glance. The result will be a harmonious and unique combination. Bulgari is also a pioneer in matching coloured gems with gold, resulting in an iconic, top-of-the-line brand style.

Bulgari jewelry how to choose the best quality gems?

One of Bulgari’s centuries-old traditions is the selection of quality gems from around the world. Experts from the Bulgari Gemstone Centre have developed a rather rigorous system of criteria (and are refined year by year and month by month) for evaluating coloured gemstones and diamonds, and for each piece of high-grade jewelry work out a report of Bulgari gems (pre-design and final polishing factory) . The colored gemstones are with Gubelin certification, diamonds are with GIA certification.

Like many brands that still cling to tradition, Bulgari’s jewellery is made in Italy, from the idea to the finished product. A talented and experienced jewelry designer is responsible for the five steps of this process: prototyping, molding, matching, embedding, polishing. Each piece is vetted by a highly specialized team of other skilled craftsmen, including model craftsmen, goldsmiths, and jewelers (many of whom are also skilled artisans) .

Emerald, one of Bulgari Jewelry’s favorite materials

This gold and platinum necklace belongs to the top jewelry series, set with 10 shaped emeralds (109.48 carats) , 36 pear-shaped diamonds (31.66 carats) , 81 round, bright cut diamonds (25.15 carats) , as well as cone, rectangular diamonds (5.58 carats) .
Emeralds have obvious dichroism. It is a routine operation to improve emeralds’ color by heat treatment (Bulgari disagrees with this) . Emeralds have higher requirements for cut-cut type, and if inexperienced, it will lead to gemstones cracking.

Diamond friction hardness is 10, crystal: Diamond Crystal belongs to the cubic equiaxed crystal system, chemical composition is crystalline carbon atoms. The more intense the yellow diamond, the higher the price, the most expensive bright yellow. Has a strong diamond luster, in the decoration of Bulgari emerald jewelry works, will be a good balance of color, in the soft color of emerald, into a masculine flavor.

When it comes to inlaying, knowledge is deep. Here is a technique called base setting, which is a variation of the tube setting, where the base can be either polished into a claw setting or left as an elegant hem setting, the tapered sides give the shape of the stone.

Pear-shaped diamonds dangle from precious diamonds, with 9 Colombian emeralds inlaid in the center.

A piece of jewelry is shaped like a precious, soft fabric, thanks to the designer’s perfect connection to the fine details of the structure.

Bulgari has always prided itself on using the most advanced technology and innovation to create a genuine consumer Bulgari class supreme. Every piece of jewellery goes through a number of rigorous quality checks before it is officially placed in a box with Bulgari’s LOGO on it.

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