A show to show you what“Miss Dior” is

Dior brand ambassador Liu Yuxin and Duhot’s best friend Gina Elise also came to the Dior 2024 autumn and winter ready-to-wear collection to experience the collision of classic and modern.

In the late 1960s, the fashion world underwent a great change, and Dior completed its journey from Paris to global splendor. During this period, the fashion world was dominated by two major trends: the Mod style and the subsequent Hippie culture.

In 1967, Dior launched its first Miss Dior ready-to-wear collection, launched by Marc Bohan and his assistant Philippe Gibble. The ready-to-wear collection marks Dior’s expansion from couture to a wider market aimed at meeting the growing demands of a fast-paced lifestyle.

Such changes not only preserve the elegance and refinement of Dior, but also reflect a pragmatic approach to adapting to the lifestyle of the wider public.

The brand image of Dior is closely related to French luxury, elegance and artistic creation commitment. Its unique and innovative design aesthetics combines classical and modern elements. During this period, Dior has strengthened its position as a fashion leader and expanded its influence by working with artists and other brands to incorporate innovative ideas into design, it attracts consumers from different cultures around the world. Among them is Italian artist and designer Gabriella Crespi.

Her design is inspired by nature, seeking light, harmony and balance between the external world and inner space. In the early 1960s, Dior commissioned her to design the gift department, home decor and cutlery for nearly 20 years. The collaboration with Dior not only reflects her innovations in home and dining accessories, but also marks the recognition and application of her design style and aesthetic concept in the high-end fashion world.

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, Gabriella Crespi is a symbol of the independent feminine spirit that has led the way, it also represents the outstanding female image based on the works.

The designs from the 1967 Miss Duhot ready-to-wear collection can be seen in an updated version this season. At that time, this series led a fashion revolution, its extraordinary design not only won the love of countless women, but also for them to shape a unique temperament and style. Now, Dior has rekindled the fashion industry’s imagination by reinterpreting and innovating those classic elements.

In those days, young women preferred high fashion, which was practical and casual at the same time, and the demand for daily wear increased greatly. The popular“Slim Look” was designed to accentuate a woman’s figure while providing sufficient comfort and freedom of movement, and the silhouette design was also featured in this season’s collection.

The A-shape with its loose and comfortable cut, elegant to get rid of the strict requirements of the female body line, for women has brought unprecedented freedom and lightness. In this shape of the embrace, women’s charm is no longer bound by tradition, but to be more natural and true to show.

In terms of color, Marc Bohan’s collection, inspired by his time at Dior, has carefully selected a range of vintage and trendy colors, from pure white to vibrant orange, from soft pink to bright fluorescent green, it is not only used in fashion design, but also cleverly integrated into the model’s makeup, adding a bit of charm and personality for the overall shape.

In blue, red and brown, the lively miss Duhot logo is not only a symbol, but also a declaration, a show of strength. As if through fashion to tell the world, Dior represents not only luxury and elegance, but also an unprecedented innovation and courage.

The fabric of this series is based on delicate double-sided cashmere and elegant gabardine, and skillfully blends these two fabrics with a variety of materials, create a series of comfortable and rich texture dresses, trousers, jackets, jackets and knee-length skirt. Each piece is a deep understanding of the process and the unique aesthetic insight embodied.

In the detail processing, the designer carried on the bold innovation. The traditional rivet element is replaced by the exquisite string bead, highlights the essence of the design properly, makes the whole series exudes a low-key and powerful cool charm.

Fine embroidery craft in the designer’s hands into a three-dimensional painting, they jump on the fabric, for each piece of clothing brought vitality.

Another highlight of the show is the installation art on the catwalk. The unforgettable backdrop for the show is the masterpiece of renowned Indian artist Shakuntala Kulkarni, who, with her unique artistic perspective and exquisite craftsmanship, an art installation was constructed to explore in depth the interaction and connection between women and various spaces. Through this installation, the artist not only shows us the dialogue between space and body, but also announces to the world the infinite possibilities of female power.

Similarly, the entire series reinterprets the diversity and independence of women by revisiting the era of free creativity represented by Ms. Duhot, each piece a love letter, it is a tribute to the beauty, wisdom and power of women.

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